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Magic in Istanbul: Ethical Sourcing in Türkiye!

Magic in Istanbul: Ethical Sourcing in Türkiye!

Amanzzo isn't just another green brand; we're driving true innovation and awareness in the world of sustainable fashion, with our heart firmly rooted in ethical fashion practices. Last week, our Head Designer and Operations Manager, Ruth headed to the beautiful City of Istanbul, Türkiye; a city as vibrant and diverse as our commitment to protecting the environment and fair trade. Join us as we retrace our steps in this magical city, shaping our upcoming Summer 2024 range.


Istanbul: The Perfect Setting for Ethical Fashion

Istanbul captivates the heart with its melding of history and modernity, a hub where cultures intertwine as seamlessly as every fibre in our beautiful fabrics. It's here where our ethical values find harmony; the city's traditional craftsmanship and textile heritage align perfectly with our vision of sustainable luxury. Every corner of this ancient city tells it's own stories of artisanal craftsmanship and timeless style. What's more it's close to home allowing us to continue to reduce our carbon footprint.

 Sewing machinery with neutral coloured threads


Behind the Scenes: Preparing for the Journey

Before we arrived in Istanbul, our team was abuzz with range-planning, designing, and selecting colours and fabric blends for SS24. Sketches were drawn, ideas were woven together, and a jam-packed itinerary was planned, all in anticipation of delivering our best collection yet next summer.


Discovering the Gems: Ethical Factories and Quality Manufacturers

Ethical sourcing is a cornerstone of our mission, and Ruth's longstanding Istanbul partners offered abundant ground to reinforce this commitment. Connecting us with the best local factories and manufacturers, ensuring every person involved in bringing our pieces to life was respected and valued. It's these relationships, underpinned by our shared vision to deliver excellence that form the soul of our collections.


Embracing Sustainability: From Sketches to Ethical Fashion

Our trip focused on substance as much as style. We discerningly selected fabrics and trims for their luxury finish and eco-friendliness. Our commitment to sustainability was reinforced - we chose the most sustainable options at every stage, from design to finished garment, hanging in your wardrobe.


Collage of pictures from Amanzzo in Istanbul 2023

Unveiling the Summer 2024 Collection: A Glimpse into the Future

Though still under wraps, we’re so excited for our SS24 range. Each piece is infused with the spirit of global stewardship and our commitment to doing good both for the planet and the wonderful people who make our pieces.


A Journey Worth Celebrating

As we look back on our days in Istanbul, we're not just reminiscing about a trip; we're celebrating a milestone in Amanzzo’s history (and all of the fabulous partners and cats that we made friends with on our trip🐈‍⬛). The launch of our Summer 2024 collection will mark the fruition of a journey that you, our community, are a significant part of. We invite you to continue walking this path with us, embracing ethical fashion and making choices that touch lives across the globe.

Together, let’s wear the change we wish to see in the world ⚡


a cat sat on top of a collection of patterned rugs in turkey

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