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How We Create Travel-Perfect Ranges

How We Create Travel-Perfect Ranges

Recently, we caught up with the team at Hinton magazine, where we talked about our story so far, our guiding vision and our future plans. All of that behind the scenes chatter inspired us to share the 'How' behind our travel-perfect ranges with you.
In 2024, with travel plans increasing and luggage sizes decreasing, our holiday wardrobes need to be design-driven, versatile and increasingly sustainable. The Amanzzo concept 'Luxury swim and resortwear that doesn't cost the earth' was conceived on the Spanish coast and brought to life in the industrial North West of England. Designed for the modern traveller and engineered to last for years to come. Join us as we explore our design philosophy and see how we're reshaping style for the eco-conscious traveller.


Who is the Modern Traveller?

To guide our vision, we spent a considerable amount of time to understand who the modern traveller is and what’s important to them. Our research taught us that the modern traveller simultaneously craves new experiences, comfort, and style. Modern travellers like us, often take advantage of short-haul trips for long weekends seeking opportunities to recharge or explore new scenery. In 2024, many in the UK are planning to spend more on travel, with 56% prioritising new experiences and 35% eager to immerse themselves in different cultures [Stories from Hilton]. Whether it’s a business trip, a beach holiday, or exploring a new city, the modern traveller wants to enjoy new experiences in style with clothing that transitions seamlessly from one setting to another.

Sustainability at the Core of Design

Our commitment to the environment starts from the design process, before we even stitch a single thread. We consider the environmental-impact of our products before we bring them to life - and if we're not satisfied that we're creating fashion for good, we don't manufacture.

To bring our ranges to life, we use a mix recycled fabrics including fabrics made from plastic bottles, fishing nets, recycled polyester as well as ethically and sustainably sourced certified organic Cotton, Linen and Bamboo. By weaving sustainability into the process early on, we can ensure that each piece not only looks great but also contributes positively to the planet. And, we don't stop there. All of our packaging is sustainably sourced and we work with partners near to home to minimise our carbon footprint. 

Versatile Pieces for Every Occasion

We always design with versatility in mind, as it's so important to our customers. Think pieces that seamlessly transition from day to night, like our kimonos. Or, our timeless swimsuits that are perfect for both beach and spa breaks away.

By creating unique pieces that can be worn in a number of settings, we help reduce overpacking - promoting a more sustainable way to travel. 


Drawing Inspiration from Around the World

Our design team draws inspiration from vibrant cultures and stunning landscapes across the globe. The deep blues of the Mediterranean, patterns from Jaipur’s markets, the eclectic essence of Marrakech and the serene beauty of Whitby’s beaches influence our designs, colours, silhouettes, textures, patterns, trims and brand aesthetic. 

We weave our global experiences into each range, scouring the globe for the perfect pieces to accompany travellers no matter where in the world they're headed to.

Crafting Stories with Every Collection

With ethics and sustainability at the heart of our story, we're proud to be a slow fashion brand. But, our ethical northern star doesn't limit our creativity and how we build our range in meaningful design stories. Each Amanzzo collection begins with a story. By organising our inspirations into cohesive themes, our design team ensures that every range has a unique narrative and aesthetic, whilst being able to ensure that each piece perfectly complements each other.

Balancing Sustainability and Functionality

We ensure sustainability, whilst always maintaining the highest standards of quality and functionality. By selecting the best fabrics and trims and working with accredited factories, we create durable, high-performance garments. We design our garments to stand the test of time, marrying style, substance and functionality. Our commitment ensures you can enjoy sustainable fashion without sacrificing the your ethics to the planet.

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