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Amanzzo Makes Waves: Proud Sponsors of The National Social Media Awards

Amanzzo Makes Waves: Proud Sponsors of The National Social Media Awards

Originating from the bustling creative heart of Liverpool... We are Amanzzo. An emerging luxury swim and lifestyle brand. We're not just riding the waves of change but making them. Last month, we proudly sponsored the National Social Media Awards at Porchester Hall in London - a prestigious event that recognises the incredible contributions of social media in our daily lives.


Amanzzo Challenges the Status Quo

Amanzzo stands out in a sea of traditional brands with our commitment to both sustainability and ethical style. We’re not just about making a splash with our designs; we're about creating ripples of change in the fashion industry as a whole. Our bold ethos and drive for innovation; through things like turning ocean-bound plastic into designer swimwear and only using GOTS-certified Cotton aim for a lasting, positive impact.

A Marriage Made in Digital Heaven

The alliance between Amanzzo and the National Social Media Awards was as natural as the fibres in our garments. Social media is the very current that allowed Amanzzo’s message of sustainability to flow into the mainstream, offering a digital stage to share our vision and connect with eco-luxury champions worldwide.

 Looking Ahead 

We're dedicated to reshaping the fashion industry prioritising sustainability and ethical practices. Our support of the National Social Media Awards is just the beginning. By aligning with events that reflect our sustainable values, we aim to lead by example and encourage industry-wide change. This partnership symbolises our commitment to this cause. We urge you to join us; support sustainable fashion and brands like Amanzzo to make a real difference. Your choices can help transform the industry for the better.

With waves of love,


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