Our Roots

Our Sustainable Journey

Our story starts on the Spanish coast where our founder first noticed the amount of plastic washed out on the beach. That’s how he got the idea to transform the plastic bottles and fishing nets into recycled fabric that can be then turned into beautiful fashion. Finding the right manufacturers and suppliers that shared our values has been challenging but we preserved as we believe the fashion industry must change today. It is our commitment to keep exploring, innovating and improve in order to always provide you affordable, sustainable, high-end products.

From the Sea, For the Sea

Our Vision

A future where sustainable fashion is the norm, respecting the environment without compromise on quality

Our Mission

Supporting a new process to protect our future, where resources are no longer exploited but safeguarded and reused

Preserve Our Oceans

Our life is intricately linked to the Oceans and so is our future. By collecting plastic residues from the sea, we lessen our environmental impact while also cleaning the oceans and seas.

Made from Recycled Plastic

To source this recycled polyester fabric, we partner with a Portugal-based factory that collects recycled plastic and transforms it into a durable, versatile material. This process diverts plastic from landfills and oceans plus it avoids using new resources. Our products sustain daily wear and tear without shedding microfibers.

Ethical Fashion

Amanzzo was created with sustainability as the foundation. The norm in fashion production is to manufacture as much as you can all at once in order to reduce costs. We don’t believe in fast fashion, and we want to change the way people shop as we believe clothing should not be so disposable. Owning true versatile and high-quality items, means you can buy fewer things. Our aim is to create products that last year after year.

Packed Responsible

Our efforts to change the world of fashion doesn’t end with manufacturing; we have switched entirely to 100% recycled paper bags and we want to completely eradicate the use of new plastic at any point during our operations. Also, as we can’t find a sustainable way to deliver internationally at the moment, we only deliver our products in the UK.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

We know that sustainable manufacturing is not the only solution, as the challenges facing our industry and our world are systemic and cannot be solved in isolation. We aim to constantly find new ways to advocate for the future and reach a global community of change and decision makers.

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