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Made From Recycled Bottles & Nets

We believe in embracing an eco-friendly future, so we make all our briefs, boxers and trunks from recycled materials. Our team recovers ocean waste such as fishing nets and plastic bottles before transforming them into luxury, comfortable underwear. The products can sustain daily wear and tear without shedding microfibres.

You Can Help Save the Ocean

By choosing Amanzzo's sustainable underwear, you will be doing your part in helping to save the ocean. We are committed to achieving sustainable fashion that leads the fight against ocean pollution, and our customers can join this journey with us. We don't sacrifice quality, so you will benefit from luxury underwear while helping to protect our planet.

Luxury Products With Ethical Manufacturing

Our goal of providing ethical underwear starts with the manufacturing process. We value treating our workforce with respect and prioritise high-quality production over fast fashion. We manufacture all our products in the EU to ensure fair labour throughout our supply chain. Amanzzo is dedicated to exploring new ways to evolve the fashion industry.