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At last, the day has come… The day we get to release Amanzzo to the world. We have been working hard behind the scenes for the past year and we are so excited to finally share it with you all!

Amanzzo is one of Europe’s first luxury swimwear brands with a twist… We are completely sustainable from start to finish! Now, if you see our swim shorts you may think we are telling a few fibs as the quality and the fit are like nothing you have seen from a sustainable brand before. But we promise, all our products are made from recycled materials that may have sadly been dumped into the sea.

Sustainability and respectable ethics are at the heart of Amanzzo. Our brand began when our CEO and Founder, Kris James, was shocked by the sheer amount of waste and pollution he saw washed up on, an otherwise beautiful, beach. He wanted to do something to help tackle this issue and that’s where the idea of Amanzzo was born…

Here at Amanzzo, we take plastic bottles and used fisherman’s nets that may have ended up dumped in the ocean and turn them into recyclable yarns. With these yarns we then create beautiful, thoughtfully designed swimwear. Swimwear which makes you look good but more importantly, feel good. Swimwear which has came from the sea, for the sea.

We look forward to seeing you all enjoy Amanzzo as much as we do.